Friday, 8 February 2013

Tomb of Sikandar Lodi

Sikandar Lodi was the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty and ruled form 1495 to 1517. His tomb is set in a garden and is surrounded by an elaborate enclosure, about 76 meters square, with walls 3.5 meters high.
Some Interesting Facts!!
  1)   The two chhatris (Pavilions) on the square platform in the front have remains of blue tiles.

  2)   Inside the enclosure, the middle part of the western wall has been built so as to function as a wall mosque, with the qibla (direction that should be faced while praying) indicated through arches and paved area in front.

3)     In the center of enclosure is the octagonal tomb. Its indicator is decorated with extensive and fairly well preserved tile work, and a painted and increased plastic sealing.     

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