Friday, 18 January 2013

Seesh Gumbad

Sheesh Gumbad is also known as the ''Glazed Dome'' and  it is located in Lodi Gardens. It is a beautiful example of the Lodi period architecture. Some historians say it was built for a minister under the reign of Sultan Sikandar Lodi, but others believe it to contain the tomb of the first Lodi Sultan Bahlul, Sikandar’s father. 

Some Interesting Facts!!
  1) There are many graves inside Sheesh Gumbad. Who they belong to is a mystery .
2The remains of the glazed blue tiles on the outside gives it the name Sheesh gumbad (glass dome). It is said that the tiles of the Sheesh gumbad were imported from Persia.
 3Sheesh gumbad is smaller in size than Bara gumbad, though it is architecturally very similar to Bara gumbad. 

    4The ceiling is decorated with incised plaster work containing floral designs and Quranic inscriptions.

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