Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Najaf Khan's Tomb

The tomb was built in the memory of Najaf Khan and his daughter Fatima. Najaf Khan was a Persian adventurer in the court of Mughal emperor Shah Alam II.
Some Interesting Facts!!


1)    Najaf Khan created an army that was very powerful it is said - "that in 1781 the army of Mirza Najaf Khan was the most formidable military force in India" It is also said that the army was very corrupt.

2) Six years after the death of Najaf Khan the army collapsed.

3) The mosque of Najaf Khan was built at the center of an enclosure on a raised platform overlaid with red sandstone. The tomb is without a dome. The roof has a flat surface. It is a unique architectural design that is not seen in the Lodi era.

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