Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bara Gumbad Mosque

This three domed mosque was built in the year 1494 during Sikandar Lodi’s reign, according to an inscription on its southern interior. The mosques hall is faced with five arched opening and a frontage of bracket-and-chhaja cornice above them and tapering minarets at the rear.
Some Interesting Facts!!

1)    The long hall in the front of the mosque was built as a Mihman Khana or guest house. The tank in the center of the courtyard appears to have been filled and a grave laid there. A mystery till date exists, as to whose grave it is.

2)    The interior of the mosque is extremely rich in arabesque stucco decoration, paintings and quranic inscriptions.

3)    This mosque measures 25m by 6.5m. The structure is a fine example of decorative technique of incised and painted limestone plaster used during the lodi period.


4)    The cantilevered, enclosed opening and corner turrets are shaped like the Qutub Minar.

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