Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Madrasa is the Urdu word for a school/ college. The Pavallions that stand in the garden of the Madrasa are mostly tombs, probably containing the remains of the teachers of the Madrasa. I am sure then that, in those times teachers were important people and well respected too.  

Some Interesting Facts!!

1)    All the pavallions are of similar ornamentation, though each one has a different plan - eight sided, six sided or square. 

    2) Some of pavallions have shallow marked graves in the center. It is possible that the tombs were designed so that the pupils could sit there and  study- in shadow of their departed teachers. Is it not amazing !!

3)    The two smallest pavilions have very heavy projecting stone beam just under the dome. It is possible that they were a part of a larger building.



 4)    The western wing of madrasa extends a distance of 65.5 meters west of Feroz  Shah’s tomb. It was an open pillared room at the top story.

  5)    In the lower story one can see small dark cells which were probably meant for student accommodation. Inside there are narrow openings for light and air, and small strong niches.

  6)    In front of these cells there was an arched room which has unfortunately fallen down. 

7)    At the western most end of this wing there are large domed buildings with two stories.


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