Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ferzo Shah Tomb

The tomb measures 13.5m by 13.5m, forms a junction of two wings in the collage, and the top of its dome is the highest point of the entire complex.

Some Interesting Facts!!

  1)    Thought Ferzo Shah died in 1388, he built his tomb at the same time as the madrasa, in 1350s. Now, that's what I call planning. Plan your life and death too. Why not ! 

  2)    The inception on the south entrance tells us that repairs to the building were carried out under the orders of the king Sikandar Lodi in the year 1508.  

  3)    The grave in the center of the chamber is that of Ferzo Shah, while the other marble graves are said to be of his son and his grandson.                             

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