Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gol Gumbad

Lodi dynasty ruled from 1451 to 1526. It was the first and last Afghan dynasty to rule South Asia. The Gol Gumbad belongs to the Lodi Dynasty. The structure has a square plan that measures 13.5 meters on each side with a recessed arch and central doorway.

Some Interesting Facts!!

1)  The Gumbad has a square plan that measures 13.5 on each side with a recessed arch and central doorway. A staircase on the southern side leads to the terrace. The tomb is constructed of random rubble masonry with fine layers of  plaster. The colors of the tomb are breathtaking at sunset. 

  2) Rows of light are fitted on the floor; the domed roof is bathed in a bright orange glow. As you enter from the side gate (on Lodhi Road), the white light falling off the tomb's wall shows you the way. A few trees are lit subtly; others are left in the darkness. Inside of the chamber   is washed in a deep gold shade. Strobe lamps are arranged artistically at several vantage points.
  3) In September 2010, the unremarkable tomb, tucked in a corner of Centenary Methodist Church, got a new look.


  1. Very beautiful pictures. Keep sharing post like this. The "Whispering Gallery" runs along the inside the dome, where due to the acoustics of the space, even the softest whispers can be heard on the other side of the mausoleum. The first sight of Bijapur, grubby and ramshackle, can be a let-down. But that’s till you see the monuments: the powerful Gol Gumbaz, the majestic fortifications, the graceful Ibrahim Rouza, the variety of mosques and mausoleums and the ingenuity of the waterworks. Check out more about Gol Gumbaz.

  2. I have not visited but the pictures and news are making me eager to visit